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5 years of Extraordinary History

New Town is situated in the North Eastern Part of Kolkata and is fast emerging as one of India’s latest and fastest-growing planned new cities. It is situated adjacent to Salt Lake City and is in close proximity to the Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport, Kolkata..

The town has a planned population of 1 million with a proposed 0.5 million additional floating population. Around 44000 dwelling units have already been constructed and a sizeable number of dwelling units are under construction. It is expected that the town shall have around 200 000 dwelling units catering to the housing needs of the planned population in due course. The town has already attracted the attention of the visitors and tourists for the Eco Tourism Park situated at the heart of the town with a vast area of 480 acres.

To make New Town distinguishably highlighted in the Tourist Map of India, it has been conceived to establish a WAX MUSEUM in the city. The 6th and 5th floor of an asset, (WBHIDCO), situated just opposite the Central Gate of the Eco Park, was identified for establishing this WAX MUSEUM. The 6th and 5th Floor of Finance Centre is around 26000 Sq.ft of an area dedicated to the Mother’s WAX Museum.